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Professional Nursing Care for In-home Spinal Cord Injury, Paraplegia or Quadriplegia Patients in Vancouver

Many spinal cord injury patients eventually develop and maintain an independent lifestyle without additional support. However, some patients require additional and ongoing support to help them through their day.

At Evergreen Vancouver, a professional in-home nursing care provider, our specially-trained nurses and caregivers have provided compassionate and skilled help to in-home spinal cord injury, paraplegic and quadriplegic patients.

Working with Evergreen, your care plan is tailored to your individual circumstances and needs. Your caregiver team may consist of professionally trained Care Aides, Licensed Practical Nurses and visiting Registered Nurses. Supporting your loved one in their day-to-day challenges, caregivers often develop a strong bond with the family.

Compassionate and Professional In-home Care

Evergreen's Care Aides and Licensed Practical Nurses are trained to use and maintain the equipment and devices and they encourage and teach your loved one to also use the devices.

  • Evergreen's commitment to compassionate includes
  • Encouraging good health maintenance activities
  • Providing proper nutrition
  • Providing a rigorous skin care program ranging from proper positioning to correct body alignment
  • Establishing and following bowel and bladder programs, including catheter care
  • Maintaining mobility and range of motion
  • Assisting with respiratory programs as needed. This may include Trachea suctioning, CPAP ventilator and respirator support
  • Keeping a clean safe environment
  • Encouraging clients to be independent

Providing respite for the caregiver to avoid undue stress and health issues

Your paraplegic or quadriplegic loved one's care plan may include

Bathing - There are several scenarios, depending on the client's physical ability:

  • Having a nursing team member member present for extra precaution while the client showers or bathes
  • Having the nursing team member setting up the bath/shower and standing by to assist, if necessary
  • Actually giving the client a shower, bath or sponge bath

Grooming includes

  • Washing and taking care of the hair
  • Teeth/denture care
  • Shaving
  • Assisting with dressing
  • Bowel care administration
  • Catheter care support
  • Skin care and massage

Household management

  • Light housekeeping
  • Laundry and Ironing
  • Planning, preparing and cooking meals, including meals for clients with special dietary needs
  • Tube feeding by gravity and/or pump (aspiration protocol)
  • Grocery shopping and running errands

Getting on with their day

  • Trachea care/suctioning as required
  • CPAP management
  • Accompanying clients to appointments and on other activities
  • Exercise programs, mobility and range of motion
  • Participating in outings and other leisure activities
  • Companionship and socialization

Assisting with Medication Compliance

  • Reminding clients to take their medication
  • Medication can be bubble-packed by your local pharmacy to track compliance
  • Administering pre-measured medication, eye drops, inhalers, nebulizers, suppositories and other medication
  • Respirator/CPAP management
  • Oxygen management
  • Teeth/denture care

Any combination of these services will help your loved one to live with dignity and maintain independence at home for as long as possible. You can access the service on hourly basis (2 hours min) or opt for 24-hour care.

Let us put your mind at ease. Simply call us at 604.264.7959 and talk to a nursing consultant about your paraplegic or quadriplegic patient home care needs.

Our in-home care services are available in the following cities:

  • Care aide/companionship and homemaking services: Vancouver (4 hr min)
  • Nursing services: Burnaby, North Vancouver, Richmond, Vancouver, and the Lower Mainland
  • Private RN services: throughout the Lower Mainland