Vancouver’s Consumer Choice Award-Winning Home Care Company 18 Years in a Row

Values, Vision & Mission


Evergreen Nursing Services is a thriving, people-first family-owned company that is renowned for changing the game in private community health and end-of-life care in British Columbia.




To improve the quality of life of our clients through compassionate care that exceeds expectations and augments existing public health care options.

Core Values - Client

Continuity of Care

We provide reliable high-quality care and recognize the importance of service consistency – we will do what we can to minimize disruptive changes in health care provision.

Client-centered Collaborative Care

We work in partnership will all members of the “Care Team,” understanding that each member be it Client, Physician, Nurse, Occupational Therapist, Family Member, Caregiver, or Social Worker has an important role to play in the improvement of our client’s health outcomes and quality of life.


We recognize the importance of expedient communication and will respond as-quickly-as-possible to service request, inquiries and concerns.


We are committed to providing professional healthcare services to clients by:

  • Respecting our client’s healthcare choices and objectives;
  • Continuously improving our skills and abilities to enhance client safety;
  • Acting ethically and holding ourselves accountable for our actions;
  • Maintaining confidentiality and respecting privacy.

Core Values - Team


We foster a safe, supportive, inclusive and respectful workplace for all


We support each other’s development, learning, growth and pursuit towards personal and professional goals


We are kind to one another, ensuring we “THINK” before we speak:
Is it True? Is it Helpful? Is it Inspiring? Is it Necessary? Is it Kind?


We infuse humor, joy and fun into day-to-day interactions and special social events


We trust in each other’s ability, integrity and commitment to their clients, teammates and company


We encourage and promote personal and professional growth for all team members and celebrate their achievements

Core Values - Company


We are pro-active in anticipating, developing and addressing potential challenges to living our core values

High Integrity

We lead with high integrity that will never faulter - resulting in a consistent decision-making methodology that keeps our values, vision and mission intact.


We are empathetic to our clients, their families and our team members by ensuring they feel heard, valued and understood.

People Over Profits

We never compromise our values and mission for financial gain as to do would be against everything we stand for.


We have purpose in the work we do - whether it be helping a client get up in the morning, ensuring no shift goes unfilled, collaborating with public health authorities on program design, or providing people with the autonomy to choose where they spend their final days.

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Evergreen Nursing Services Ltd.

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Office Hours: 8.30 am-4.30 pm (Mon-Fri)
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From Our Clients

“Thank you to every one of you for being so fabulous to my dad. His short time at home was so wonderful he could not have been there if not for you.”
~ Sarah B., Vancouver BC

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