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Workplace Health and Safety

Client Rights and Responsibility

Evergreen Nursing Services endeavors to provide supportive, respectful, and caring services that improve social, emotional and physical wellbeing of all of our clients. We are committed to ensuring that all of our clients have adequate information about their rights and responsibilities.
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Emergency Preparedness Plan

The Disaster Preparedness Plan applies to all Evergreen Nursing Services employees (“Covered Individuals”) including full time permanent and casual employees. In those instances where the “Place of Care” (the location of service delivery) provides Disaster and Emergency Protocols specific to that location or facility - Evergreen Nursing Services staff should follow the place of care procedures in case of an emergency.
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Infection Prevention Control Policy

To protect Evergreen Nursing Services employees from occupational exposure to infectious disease and that it is done in a manner that complied with the BC Workers Compensation Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation, and human rights legislation. The exposure control plan covers all Evergreen Nursing Services employees, as it is reasonably anticipated that they may have harmful contact with infectious diseases as a result of performing their normal job duties.
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Evergreen Nursing COVID19 immunization policy

The policy's purpose is to help ensure that those at greatest risk of complications and death from COVID-19 are optimally protected through the appropriate use of the vaccine and alternative prevention methods.
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Influenza Immunization Policy

Evergreen Nursing Services strongly recommends that all staff receive an influenza vaccine prior to December 10th of each year. Evergreen Nursing Services does not require staff to be vaccinated. However, unvaccinated staff should be aware that clients have the right to request that only those with up to date influenza vaccination records be selected for their care – potentially limiting their employment options.
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Pandemic Plan

To provide proactive measures to ensure the health and safety of all Evergreen’s employees, clients and their families, as well as continuity of essential business operations in the event of a public pandemic.
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Workplace Health and Safety Policy

To mitigate and prevent any health and safety risks to our employees and clients through awareness, education and prevention initiatives.
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Workplace Violence Prevention Policy

As an employee of Evergreen Nursing Services you have the right to live and work without being subjected to violence. This policy outlines what to do if you are subjected to threats of violence at work, or if you, as a manager or an employee, become aware of a violent situation.
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Reporting Adverse Events and Ethics

Adverse Incident Reporting Policy

Evergreen Nursing Services strongly believes in the reporting of adverse incidents by all staff, as reporting such events provides the necessary information for addressing their root causes. Reporting adverse incidents is an invaluable step in the cycle of making improvements in the care provided. In the absence of knowing of potential harm or harm events, corrective action cannot be taken to prevent reoccurrence of such events.
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Ethics Framework

This Framework is a tool for Evergreen Nursing Services medical staff to use when facing difficult decisions and circumstances. Ethics is about making "right" and "good" choices and the reasons given for the choices and actions we make and take. In a health care context, ethics promotes reflective practice in the delivery of services. Ethics addresses the question "What should we do and why?". An Ethics Worksheet is included to assist in ethical decision making.
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Cancellation Policy

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Strategic Business Plan

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