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Caring for your Loved One: 10 Tips for Stroke Recovery Caregivers

1) Assess the needs of your loved one and your ability to fulfil these needs before the patient gets home from the hospital. As a caregiver, you may need to:

  • Provide personal care such as bathing and dressing
  • Coordinate health care needs, including medication as well as doctor and rehab appointments
  • Help your loved one to maintain and improve the ability to function
  • Manage financial dealings such as insurance coverage
  • However, be realistic about what you are able to take on and where you may need help

Caring for Your Loved One: Preventing Falls

About 20 percent of injury-related deaths among seniors can be traced to a fall, with hip fractures being the most common type of fall injury. Nearly half of all injuries among seniors happen at home. However, there are steps you can take to avoid your loved one becoming a part of these statistics. A few lifestyle adjustments -- modifying the bathroom area and adding railing to stairs, for example -- can reduce your loved ones likelihood of falling.

We Are Growing

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How to Choose a Home Care Provider for Your Elderly Parents or Loved One

Are you considering contacting a home care provider for your elderly parents or loved one?

Asking the right questions is critical, and if this is your first time selecting a service provider, it may be difficult to find the pertinent questions that you need to ask of a nursing company.

Here are some important questions to ask the service providers as you begin your selection process. Their answers will assist you to choose the home care provider that is best for your circumstances.

How to Avoid Caregiver Burnout

Taking care of your loved one is rewarding, but it can also take a significant toll. To take care of yourself and, hence, to give the best support to your loved one, you will need to watch for signs of excessive stress.