Vancouver’s Consumer Choice Award-Winning Home Care Company 18 Years in a Row


Staff Testimonials

Our staff are passionate and care about what they do:

"I love working for Evergreen and have found you to be one of my favourite employers of all time... it's been such a pleasurable employment experience and I applaud you for such excellence in practice and care of your clients. Thank you so much for how you conduct your communication and how well you care for your staff and clients. I do sing your praises whenever EG comes up in conversation. I am truly impressed and will miss contributing to your team. Thanks so much."
~ Stacy P., Registered Nurse, July 2020

"I am so very grateful to have crossed paths with Evergreen Nursing Services- being able to provide care to people who are wishing to be at home during their palliative illness, as well as their families, has been the biggest blessing for me this year. Some of you may know this, but travelling to Vancouver was a bit of a concern for me, as I had not done a lot of driving in Vancouver. I am at a point now though, where the joy of providing palliative care for people in their homes far overrides any of those concerns- I now see driving in Vancouver as a bit of an adventure now, alongside receiving the best gift of all, which is the opportunity to provide nursing care for others at such a tender time in their lives.

There have been other unexpected pleasures, such as the nurses that I have met as we crossed paths during shift change and report. There is a real sense of team here, and I am thrilled to be part of this team of wonderful nurses.

I have also come to realize, during my conversations with all of you in the office,what a wonderful, dedicated team you are, always ready to ensure that the operations are running smoothly, day in and day out. And what a dance that is at times! But you all do so with such positivity and comradery. I am proud to be part of this team."
~ Terry W., Registered Nurse

"I have enjoyed my time here and am so sure that I will miss [the staff] so much!"

"Thank you for all the support, insights and help [the staff] provided me over the past year."

"Your thoughtfulness certainly made a difference. Thanks again."