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How much support is available through BC Health for palliative home care?

The BC Ministry of Health actively supports palliative home care, recognizing that patients are often better off during the end stage of life when they are supported by family and friends in the comfort of home.

The ministry and its regional departments (Vancouver Coastal and Fraser Valley Health, for example) cover a range of costs for end-of-life palliative care patients at home, on the approval of your family doctor or the treating Vancouver Coastal or Fraser Valley doctor.

Health authorities cover costs ranging from medication, medical supplies, hospital type bed and the medical team - doctors, specialists, therapists and psychologists. (Please note that we encourage an active relationship with your family doctor or the assigned medical team throughout the end stage of your loved one.)

However, in general, the ministry does not cover the cost of nursing support for in-home palliative care although limited support is available through Vancouver Coastal Health. Please contact us if you have further questions regarding the local community support available for palliative nursing care.