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What is the cost of your service?

To provide an accurate answer we first take the time to understand your requirements as well as those of your loved one in need.

The cost of the service is driven by the level of care and the number of hours required. Customers often believe that their situation requires a Registered Nurse, but this may not always be the case. We are usually able to show you less expensive options where a Licensed Practical Nurse or Nursing Aide could be fully or partially substituted for a Registered Nurse. Regardless of the level of care you receive, the work of your care team and/or your nurse or nursing team, is supervised by one of our experienced Registered Nurses.

We realize that in-home nursing care for your loved one may be a significant cost for your family. Therefore, when setting up your Care Plan, we go to great lengths to offer options, including community-based services that may be available to you.

We also work with insurance companies (extended life insurance often covers in-home nursing support) as well as community support groups such as Veterans Affairs Canada.

For a precise answer, please contact us and set up a complimentary 20-minute introductory RN visit..